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Wildlife management Bristol

Wildlife Control

We cover a range of problems within wildlife pest control. We offer our services to clients within residential settings but also smallholdings and large farms. We protect your horticulture and gardens.


This non native specie was imported to the UK in the 1870s They breed twice a year and have 3-4 young. They are serious pests in woodlands and orchards by bark stripping new growth. 

Grey squirrels carry squirrel pox and kill the red squirrels as they have no immunity. They will take bird eggs and also the young chicks.

In other situations they can cause thousands of pounds of damage by chewing electric cabling and water pipes etc…

If trapped it is illegal to release squirrels back into the wold if captured in a “live catch” trap.

Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons...

Crows, Rooks and Jackdaws are becoming more difficult to control. However we have many professional options available including prevention and if absolutely necessary within parameters set out by UK guidelines licensed control can be offered. 

In cases where businesses are handling food (especially farms with open fodder/silage stores) more effective methods are allowed to be used to overcome bird issues.

Bristol Crows and Rooks
Mole pest control


Moles are most often found within grassland pasture and gardens. The most of a moles diet consists of earthworms making your garden the perfect feeding ground.

Moles are active throughout the year. Young are born between April and May. Moles are very territorial and aggressive to other moles if they come across them within the tunnel system. Mole tunnels can measure up to 200M in length! Moles create hills when cleaning their tunnels to displace soil. Our methods of treatment depend on the situation and size of the mole system. We mostly control moles with traps, however in worse cases we are fully licensed to use Aluminium Phosphide on large scale infestations.

Back by popular demand – This year Jeff will be offering one on one mole trapping lessons. Get in touch to book yours.

Other services

Deer pest control Bristol


Management service

High populations of deer can spread diseases not only amongst deer but to other specie as well. Damage to agriculture, horticultural and especially forestry property. They strip bark from trees and flatten crops.


Pest control

Magpies are the scavengers of the bird world. Feasting on unhatched eggs and chicks. We have effective records of being able to control magpie levels allowing smaller birds to flourish.

Mouse trap Bristol


Mouse control

We can control mice not only within houses but also in sheds and within gardens. Learn more about how we control mice on our Mice/Rats page!

Pest control Rabbits


Rabbit control

Rabbits pose a threat to the horticultural and agricultural sector. We offer both prevention measures and extermination services across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Livestock protection

Foxes can impose a huge danger to poultry/egg farm units and even to horticulture industries.

Wildlife Management

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