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Wasp nest pest control Bristol

Wasps nest season is now well underway. We are attending wasp nest call outs around Bristol and surrounding areas. We are fully regulated and licensed to use treatments that are not available to the general public to deal with insects and in particular wasps and hornets. We recommend in built up areas such as Bristol that wasp and hornet pest control should be carried out sooner rather than later so as not to cause a nuisance to neighbours. If you are a commercial customer in Bristol, Yate, Bradley stoke or Thornbury Wasps and Hornet nests can pose as a serious liability to your business/property. A sting from a wasp or hornet can lead to anaphylactic shock in worst cases.

Wasp nests are easy to spot down low but if you are seeing wasps and hornets around but struggling to find the nest we would recommend checking at height and in outbuildings. Around Thornbury, Dursley and other rural south Gloucestershire spots we find wasp nests in very unusual places such as a wasp nest in a hay barn.

When showing the above picture people often assume because of its scale it is a hornet nest. However this is a perfect example of a large wasps nest. This would have taken the wasps the whole season to build. Wasp nests of this size are dangerous, do bare in mind it takes only one wasp to feel threatened and they will release a chemical signal to alert the rest of the wasps to be on high alert. –This picture was taken in 2020 in a Bristol customers loft.

If you are in South Gloucestershire or Bristol and require our wasps/hornet pest control services then please Contact Jeff at JGL Pest Control

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