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Mink pest control

Mink control

The Mink was introduced to the uk in the late 1920's. They eat fish, Birds, Eggs, frogs, toads, snakes, etc... Mink can cause extensive damage to commercial property as well as the agricultural poultry industry. Having worked in situations and encountering mink for the past 20 years we know the untold damage they can cause.…

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Cluster Fly

The female lays eggs often in "puddled" areas near earthworm burrows. When winter approaches cluster flies seek shelter, usually September/October often in attics roof voids returning annually unless controlled. South facing buildings are often fond to be a favourite (early spring activity may occur) Cluster flies usually gain access into a property via louvered…

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Carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle/moth

Often the source of carpet beetle/moth trouble can be traced back to old nests. You will find nests in roof spaces, between floorboards, even organic matter and of course carpets, woollen material, curtains, under beds etc. The larva are often known as "woolly Bears". Usually carpet moth/beetle damage (especially in carpets) is found behind bookcases,…

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