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Rat control Bristol

Brown Rat Control...

Rats are a very widespread pest found in all parts of the UK. Each female rat has an average litter size of about 7 and young will emerge from their burrow at approx 3 weeks. From then young rats become fertile to breed at 12 weeks. Rats will inhabit buildings, rubbish tips, farms, attics, hedgerows and especially gardens with bird feeders. Anywhere where human or animal feed is stored and good shelter is available could become an ideal home for a rat. Rats are known to be able to carry 10 or more diseases including weil’s disease (leptospirosis).

Our service…

Our approach is to inspect the property and provide a no obligation site survey accompanied by a recommendation/quote. If you are happy with our recommendation we then perform the installation of labelled secure bait stations containing approved rodenticide in grain, block or pasta bait form. In situations where commercial assurance is required we offer annual contracts to Farms, Restaurants, Cafe’s, public houses etc. We also offer our services to heavy commercial situations like warehousing and storage yards.

Mouse Control...

Like Rats, Mice are widespread throughout the UK. Average mouse litter size is 5-8 however can breed multiple times per year. After only 6 weeks the female mouse can breed. Mice usually live close to their food supply and would be safe to say few places are not of interest to them. Their smell, greasy fur, urine and droppings cause untold damage combined with their gnawing habits. Mice also carry several diseases also carrying fleas and mites.

We control mice by performing an in depth no obligation survey to recommend suitable installation of labelled mouse bait stations containing blocks, gels, paste or pasta form. Annual contracts are offered to all premises where a re-occurrence is deemed possible.

Mouse trap Bristol

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