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Small insect Bristol

Problem with insects?

We offer treatments for insects around the home as-well as insects you are more likely to find within commercial settings.


Here at JGL Pest control we deal with insects cases in the most bizarre situations. From ant invasions into kitchens to weevils in grain stores. Each insect problem requires both different treatments and different methods of approach. Ants and flying ants for instance are highly organised foragers and look to build a nest close to food sources. They are often found in high quantities due to their rapid reproduction.

Some other insects such as weevils are easily treated if spotted early .These insects will move across surfaces in a herd movement. 

The most common insect cases we deal are in the summer months with wasps and of course ants and hornets in both indoor and outdoor nests. 

Key insects...

Cluster fly

Cluster fly removal

Often found in areas close to water or as-well as inside of properties. If untreated these will re-appear year on year around spring time leaving dead fly residue in windows and lofts.

Carpet beetle

Carpet Moth/Beetle

Carpet moth/beetle removal

Does your carpet have holes in right down the the membrane? this is most likely the result of carpet moths. The most common place to find carpet beetle damage is around the edges of rooms underneath furniture

Bristol Wasp Nest Removal


Wasp nest removal

Wasps are by far the most popular service we offer. we treat over 100 wasp nests every summer. We offer a free re-visit guarantee to every wasp nest we treat

Small insect Bristol

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