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About Jeff...

From early teenage years Jeff gained a keen interest in countryside and wildlife management within the Livestock and horticultural industries. At age 22 Jeff graduated the highest honours in veterinary science. 

Jeff then went on to work in a mink and chicken, farm before being offered a stockman position on a 2.2 million acre stock ranch in Australia. 

As part of a team of 34 Jeff Jeff would round up cattle on horseback and by helicopter. He would also head up the native pest control management on the ranch. 

Jeff then after a short contract in South Africa went on to New Zealand. In New Zealand Jeff spent a summer in a wool processing business.

After coming back to the UK Jeff was head hunted by an overseas agricultural development company he then spent 4 years in Saudi Arabia as chief Herdsmen to King Khalid during the installation of the worlds first camel milking parlour as well as fulfilling the role of Clerk of Riyadh racecourse.

Jeff was then head hunted again to work for at Blakedown Golf International overseeing the landscaping or the doha palace hotel in Qatar. He then went on to Oman managing the installation of agricultural irrigation systems.

Jeff then went on to be employed by His Royal Highness Sayyid Shabib Bin Taimur Al-Said tasked with establishing the development of a private estate.

After a long and well respected career abroad Jeff settled back to the UK in then continue wildlife management for private individuals and businesses. 

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